The Importance of Translators and Interpreters


The Insurance industry is a great place to find a translator or interpreter as many customers speak languages other than English. Interpreters are often used to help customers understand complexities of insurance forms and fill out applications. Another industry where interpreters may be needed is event production, including large conferences and meetings. Different forms of interpreting are required for different conferences, with simultaneous interpreting generally being more expensive than consecutive interpreting.

Scientific research

Translators and interpreters play an important role in scientific research. Their role in research data collection and analysis is critical, and the interpreter contributing to a study should be skilled in facilitating research implementation. There are five types of interpreters used in scientific research, each with distinct pros and cons and corresponding budget implications. To make the right choice, consider the following. A qualified interpreter will have had their language skills assessed by an independent source.

During the interview process, interpreters were required to share personal experiences and relate to various ethnic groups. They were also asked to make statements about issues of importance to them and were not regarded as experts. This inevitably introduced triple subjectivity into the research process. Therefore, it is important to consider the social location of the interpreter before making a decision about whether or not to engage in research involving them.

Legal system

Translators and interpreters play an important role in the legal system. In the United States, nearly 25 million people do not speak English fluently, and therefore cannot fully protect their rights in court without the services of a professional interpreter. Yet, thirteen million people live in states that do not require interpreters or charge a fee for their services. Even though these individuals are important to the legal system, they often feel constrained by rules and regulations that enshroude their work.

Without the services of a professional German translator or interpreter, criminal trials may not go as smoothly as they could have been. A lack of legal interpreting may seem like an unnecessary burden, but it can lead to tragic consequences. Despite their importance, criminal defendants are entitled to understand their trial proceedings, and a lack of quality interpreting can lead to a conviction being overturned on appeal. In some cases, “fair” trials can be turned into Kafkaesque experiences for the accused. Innocent people may be imprisoned or unfairly deported, while the guilty go free. In such a situation, the legal system becomes less just and less safe.

Travel industry

Translation and interpretation services are in high demand across a wide variety of industries, and the Travel and Leisure industry is no exception. As the largest industry sector worldwide, travel and leisure creates a significant amount of economic activity. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, travel and leisure is the largest employer in the world, generating nearly seven trillion dollars in gross domestic product (GDP) in 2014. This expansion has created a tremendous demand for language services providers.

With more travellers using the internet to conduct research, the Travel industry must provide accurate information to its customers. This means that if a customer cannot read the information, they are unlikely to purchase it. Machine translation, as well as hybrid translation, are becoming increasingly common for companies in this sector. However, the human factor will always play an important role in delivering high quality translations.

Entertainment industry

If you work in the entertainment industry, then you know that the importance of interpreters and translators cannot be overemphasized. These professionals have extensive experience and expertise in dealing with the nuances of the language and the culture. Because their job is often public-facing, they need to be sensitive to cultural nuances. This requires a highly skilled interpreter with many years of experience. Acutrans has interpreters with over two hundred years of combined experience.

The entertainment industry is growing rapidly, and there are a slew of industries that make use of interpreters and translators. Movies, TV shows, and other audiovisual content require translation for subtitles and dubbing. While movies have a long history, TV shows are constantly being created and released, presenting an even greater translation challenge. Entertainment transcription, for example, captures audio and video content in a wide range of genres and languages, and academic transcription records academic lectures and dictations from doctors.

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